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26 July 2021

Unleash Your Inner Artist

We have the perfect weekend DIY project using Porta timber materials and some creativity, you can create your own version of this one-off design piece, the...

02 March 2021

10 Benefits of Using Porta Timber in Your Home

Australian timber is a versatile and attractive material. It is not just reserved for use in commercial spaces.

02 March 2021

How to Take Style to the Next Level with Timber Mouldings

Looking to take your style to the next level? Timber mouldings are a great way to do it. From hallways and bedrooms to dining rooms and kitchens, there is a...

30 November 2020

Why Timber Mouldings are an Interior Designer’s Secret Weapon

Timber mouldings are one of the most versatile design components at an interior designer’s disposal. When used creatively, Porta architraves and skirtings add...

05 November 2020

Encouraging Learning, Growth & Development Through Design

Interior design of major university creates a welcoming sense of belonging

30 October 2020

Not Your Average Dowel

According to Merriam Webster, a dowel is a “peg of wood, metal, or plastic without a distinct head, used for holding together components of a structure.”...

29 October 2020

Applications of Timber Species

Designing With Timber – Applications of Timber Species Using timber products indoors can make us feel connected to nature – positively impacting on our health,...

08 October 2020

Top 8 Kitchen Design Trends 2020

We've all heard the expression that the kitchen is the heart of the home and there's a good reason why.

27 August 2020

Kitchen & ensuite design inspired by the natural environment

Bringing nature indoors - a stunning display home receives the natural treatment.

10 August 2020

Create With Mouldings: Grande Dame Design

Embrace romantic period features with a contemporary twist.

10 August 2020

Create With Mouldings: Classic Chevron Design

Add architectural interest to a room with classic Chevron.

10 August 2020

Create With Mouldings: Contemporary Vibe Design

Create a contemporary vibe using traditional mouldings.

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