BDAI is a full-service architecture and interior studio focused on delivering exceptional residential and hospitality experiences. Since 2007, BDAI has been designing KFCs, completing successful projects across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and New Zealand.

The talented team at BDAI design and deliver commercially successful environments driven by creativity and collaboration. BDAI comprises 36 architects and interior designers with design studios in Sydney and Melbourne.

Since the inception of their relationship with KFC, their design objectives have been similar, with each project pushing the boundaries of design balancing it with brand guidelines outlined by KFC.

KFC Relationship
The international brand KFC has guidelines that the design team is required to follow through the design process. However, each and every project is unique and there is scope for creative interpretation and design input.

The use of timber is a standard element outlined in the KFC brand guidelines. The brand guidelines outline and establish a particular look and feel for KFC so there is cohesion across multiple locations for brand awareness and consistency. KFC’s vision through the use of timber is to Australian warmth, energy, and attitude into their restaurants.

Porta Specification
The BDAI design team first started specifying Porta timber products in 2018. The first product specified was Porta timber dowels to use for feature screens on several projects.

After the success of the timber dowel screens, BDAI specified Porta’s Rounded Edging Bead a timber chair rail to break the upper walls from the lower section of the walls. This was an added feature that also allowed for flexibility in the colour choices in the space.

After two successful projects featuring Porta timber, BDAI began to specify half dowels to achieve curved walls and counters in designs as the team had the vision to create a visual design feature from curves.

KFC Bayside
BDAI specified the Riverine profile from the Contours range in the Clear Pine species for the Bayside store located in Frankston, Victoria. 

KFC Bayside is in a food court in a mall that is quite dark, and BDAI wanted the shop front to stand out from a distance.

BDAI combined the Riverine profile with plants to create a strong impression for people approaching the store.

Being a corner site, the Porta Contours timber lining boards were selected as a feature wall, curving around the corner to create a stunning visual.

The KFC Bayside owners are particularly pleased with the outcome BDAI achieved through the use of the Riverine Contours profile in the Clear Pine species.

Internally, the design details follow the brand colour palette, including warm timber, illuminated neon signage, and greenery, adding an organic appearance to the store.

The design composition of contrasting textures of warm timber, longline cladding, and concrete creates a dynamic aesthetic for customers to enjoy. Creative design details follow the brand colour palette, including a feature red framework and red illuminated perforated mesh. A shallow recess was also created to incorporate the kiosk design into the shop front.

KFC Broadway
BDAI were keen on using a square profile for the KFC Broadway in Sydney, so they specified the Porta Contours timber lining boards in the Strata profile in the Clear Pine species.

The Strata profile was used on the shopfront, the ceiling, and as cladding on the menu board.

Black was selected for the shopfront to be bold and identifiable within the context which gives a striking design outcome when combined with the natural timber behind the menu board.

Using the Porta timber profile in this food court has created a warm eye-catching tenancy which is juxtaposed with darker cooler colours/ hard finishes with the existing food court.

The contemporary design approach celebrates the unique building form and provides a unique customer experience while incorporating a strong brand identity.

Located in inner Sydney, Broadway is a well-known shopping centre that offers an excellent variety of dining and shopping experiences. Understanding the characteristics of the centre and the surrounding tenancies, BDAI delivered a unique design that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Incorporating a concrete bench, and timber details and maintaining the brand colour palette in the venue and dining area, the tenancy stands out, elevating the customer experience.

Specifying Porta Timber
The creative team of design professionals at BDAI enjoys working with the Porta team and Porta timber lining board products. 

Porta is quick to respond with samples when we order them and they have conducted CPD presentations in our offices for our architects” – Kim Tran, Senior Associate, Interior Designer at BDAI.

The design team love specifying Porta products as BDAI believes in using more timber to meet biophilic design objectives and the Porta range of timbers does this perfectly.

BDAI continues to specify Porta products as the timber lining board range plays an important role in the sustainable design of KFC stores by providing a renewable, eco-friendly, and customisable material option that enhances the overall aesthetic and customer experience.

Porta products are made from timber sourced from sustainably managed forests and use eco-friendly processes in their manufacturing facilities. 

By using Porta products in the KFC stores, the company reinforces its commitment to sustainability and promotes sustainable practices to its customers. 

The Porta timber product range is versatile and can be customised to suit different design styles. 

Porta products have been used in a range of decorative applications in KFC stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. Porta timber has been used from wall and ceiling mouldings to handrails and chair rails, thus helping to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers.

BDAI like that Porta products are available in a wide range of timbers and profiles which BDAI can choose from to suit a variety of applications across commercial, hospitality, and residential projects. 

When designing a new space for KFC, the BDAI design team seeks durable, functional, and aesthetic products. Porta offers a variety of profiles in their distinct Contours timber lining board range available in a range of timber species such as Tasmanian Oak and recently introduced American Oak, which is strong, stable, and easy to work with.

BDAI is thrilled to continue working with the Porta team specifying Porta timber products across future KFC stores and throughout BDAI’s extensive portfolio of future projects.