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28 May 2021

Old Meets New in this Breathtaking Renovation

This home is unashamedly bold while paying homage to its heritage Located in the leafy inner Adelaide suburb of Rose Park, South Australia, the Doyle Residence...

23 January 2021

Australia embraces timber with the uptake of sub-tropical modernist architecture

Australia is seen to be embracing Brazilian Modernism as a design influence, which often translates well due to our similar climatic conditions. Design...

30 October 2020

The 10 Commandments for Architects and Outdoor Cladding

Timber cladding is favoured by architects for its versatility and ability to reconnect people with nature. Architects should follow these 10 Commandments for...

12 May 2020

Woodcroft Neighbourhood Centre

This multi-purpose community centre creates an inclusive space where learning, recreation and culture can be shared.

22 January 2020

South Melbourne Life Saving Club

Melbourne’s city foreshore has a new upgrade The South Melbourne Life Saving Club designed by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects and built by Connell...

03 May 2019

Porta Cumaru timber battens and decking in Architect designed renovation

  This architect designed renovation transforms this house by opening up the interior with integrated timber landscaping. The series of well-designed courtyard...

04 April 2019

Melbourne International Flower + Garden Show

The Welcome Garden 2019 was another big year for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, over five days visitors immersed their senses in the...

13 February 2019

Porta Cumaru timber pergola creates shade and style in this contemporary garden.

  This garden, designed and built by Fig Landscapes, applies a refined use of vegetation, timber, steel, brick and concrete. The materials create clean details...

13 February 2019

Create an outdoor garden feature with Porta Cumaru timber posts and beams for shaded exteriors

  Porta Cumaru range includes a collection of highly durable and strong hardwood timber posts, beams and battens that are available in various diameters and...

13 February 2019

See how Porta Cumaru decking weathers to grey on this city rooftop

This city rooftop deck is made from durable Porta Cumaru. The client selected a low maintenance and natural solution by choosing Porta Cumaru timber decking....

04 February 2019

Porta Endure cladding and Porta Cumaru battens deck out this courtyard

  This courtyard on the Sunshine Coast contains all the elements for outdoor living; barbeque area, seating and an outdoor shower!

04 February 2019

Cumaru battens make durable outdoor seating

The local design team at Street Furniture Australia use Porta Cumaru battens for their Aria and Forum Seat products.

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