“Porta Contours are so easy to apply that we are determined to use them everywhere we can,” Koschel Koncepts.

Located in Hawthorne, Queensland, the beautifully renovated Hawthorne Unit was a personal project for Grace and Will, owners of Koschel Koncepts. 

Completed in May 2022, Grace and Will, a carpenter by trade, renovated the 1980s two bedroom and one bathroom apartment. “The apartment was in such a state when we bought it,” explains Grace. “It had tiles over tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, and the kitchen cabinetry, light fittings and bathroom were all original and very dated!” 

Focusing on small scale residential and commercial projects and specialising in traditional Queenslander style homes and residential landscaping, Koschel Koncepts take pride in bringing their client’s visions to life. “We are proud to deliver quality results that has the owner in mind,” says Grace. 

As part of the renovation, Grace and Will stripped out all the flooring, demolished the bathroom and kitchen, and removed dividing walls and some of the ceiling. The stunning kitchen now features beautiful Porta Contours in Riverine on the island bench. “As part of the redesign, an extra-large island bench with high seat dining and full height cabinets for maximum storage were included in the kitchen,” explains Grace. 

“We initially were only going to use Porta Contours on the island bench, but once we realised how easy they were to apply we were determined to use them everywhere we could,” she says. “The texture of the product adds an additional dimension to the open kitchen and lounge area.” 

“The kitchen island bench was an easy install,” says Grace. “We spent a bit of time working on the corner junctions to ensure a seamless and portioned finish. We choose to finish the corner junctions with 19mm quad and we are very happy with the results.” 


Grace and Will also added their personal touch to the living area with a custom-built entertainment unit, clad in Porta Contours. “Due to the inner-city nature of the apartment and the limited storage options in the original design, the entertainment unit allowed us to create a clean seamless finish that also maximised the living space. The traditional dining area was also removed,” explains Grace. 

Create your own entertainment unit using these steps from Koschel Koncepts: 

Step 1

Porta - Koschel Koncepts Step 01 

“The first step to creating the entertainment unit was the framing and making sure all the dimensions and electrical rough in was hidden,” explains Grace.

Step 2

Porta - Koschel Koncepts Step 02


Next, Will cut the 2.7m lengths of the timber lining boards into smaller lengths. “The Contours easily click into place within the frame,” says Grace. “This was a fast and easy process with the lengths slotting together nicely.” 

Step 3

Porta - Koschel Koncepts Step 03


In the final step, Grace and Will painted the entertainment unit a crisp white and fit off the electrical points in the shelf. “We love the contoured finish to the floor,” adds Grace. “Next time we would like to try framing the bottom of the unit to act as a kicker.” 

Grace and Will selected Porta Contours in Primed Pine for their projects. “The material was easily purchased and ordered from Bunnings Warehouse and was also delivered straight to our door,” explains Grace. 

“We look forward to using more Porta timber products in the future,” explains Grace. “We have so many ideas on how we can incorporate it into our client’s homes and businesses.” 

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Design & Build: Koschel Koncepts
Product: Porta Contours in Riverine in Primed Pine

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