Looking to take your style to the next level? Timber mouldings are a great way to do it. From hallways and bedrooms to dining rooms and kitchens, there is a Porta timber solution for every space. 


One of the most versatile design components, Porta timber mouldings can be mixed and matched with any design to achieve a fresh look and feel.
Here are five ways timber mouldings can help you step up your design game.

1. Enhance and add texture

Australian timber is ideal for enhancing an existing space or adding texture. Using a range of mouldings like in this home is the best way to get the look. Mixing and matching profiles help create a refined interior.

2. Make a bold statement

Looking to add a little flair to any space? Sustainable materials can boldly declare your unique sense of style whilst improving the functionality of any room. Whether angular, curved, or flat, there is a timber moulding to fit any space. Add emphasis to any room with skirting and architraves in all the right places.

3. Dive in and DIY

Always wanted to reimagine a space but afraid to dive in to get it done? Porta timber mouldings are easy to install, making them the perfect fit for any DIY project. Consider adding a little romance with a contemporary twist to any space with a Grande Dame Design. The look is easy to achieve using
decorative wall mouldings, available in various profiles, sizes, and timber

4. Timber mouldings for every space

From classic to retro and every style in between, timber mouldings are ideal for every space. Porta skirting and architrave, wall moulds, and door architraves are creative ways to inject warmth and movement into any room. They can stand out or blend in, depending on how you choose to use them.

5. Match with any profile

Porta skirting and architraves are the frameworks for an overarching theme. Match them to any existing style to liven up the space. The bevelled and half-splayed architrave is ideal for a contemporary look, whilst Colonial profile options lend themselves to a more elegant appearance.

Create and recreate

Any space can take on new life with the right combination of Porta custom timber mouldings. Need some assistance in choosing the best materials for the job? Enquire with Porta’s team of timber moulding professionals.

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