Timber mouldings are one of the most versatile design components at an interior designer’s disposal. When used creatively, Porta architraves and skirtings add depth of character and detail that can be hard to match.

Here are the top four ways interior designers can use timber mouldings, architraves and skirtings as a secret weapon in their next project.

1. Enhance and Add Texture

Plain Jane rooms are elevated in status when redesigned with timber mouldings. Add depth and dimension to any room with the right combination of Porta mouldings. Check out this amazing home, for example. Depth and texture were added to the walls in the kitchen, dining room, hall, and bedrooms. Panel Mould, Georgian Dado Rail, and Insert Mould were used to create a unique look and feel.

2. Consistency

Period timber mouldings and wall trims are used throughout historic homes in order to maintain consistency during remodelling projects. Architraves and skirtings are perfect for achieving an internal reference to an era. Porta custom mouldings can be crafted to match any existing profile.

3. Creativity

Curved, flat, or angular. There truly is a timber mould to fit every space. Porta helps bring your imagination to life with mouldings in a variety of shapes and sizes. Decorative ceiling trims help add emphasis to any room. Architraves and Skirtings can contour and outline the edges and surfaces of rooms or help support, join, cover, or separate surfaces.

4. Understated and Undervalued

Small things often make the biggest impact. Timber mouldings bring much-deserved attention to any interior area. Interior designers looking for a way to make a bold statement should consider adding timber mouldings to the mix as they can add value to your home or commercial property.

Timber Mouldings in Action

Contemporary or traditional, any home can accommodate a “moody” look and feel with Porta custom timber mouldings. Follow these simple steps to create a moody room of your own. The look requires Colonial Architrave, Insert Moulds, and Panel Moulds.

Porta mouldings helped create this timeless masterpiece, featuring Colonial Architrave, Insert Moulds, and Panel Moulds. This previously plain wall now has depth and dimension, giving it a whole new look and feel.

Need some help deciding how to incorporate timber mouldings into your next interior design project? Enquire with Porta’s team of timber professionals. We would love to assist!