Porta, Australia’s leading manufacturer of timber mouldings and lining boards, offers a wide range of expert services to the architecture and interior design industry. These services include a simple order form to receive free samples, architectural product presentations featuring Porta product sample folders, a custom product consultation, and expert CPD presentations. The CPD presentations are created to help architects, interior designers, and design professionals understand the benefits of timber.

The architectural use of timber not only serves a functional, structural, or aesthetic purpose, but it also establishes a material link to nature that improves the health and well being of building occupants.

Our high-quality timber products are a source of pride for us. As we love timber, we offer a complete sample service so that you may learn all about it and fall in love with it as much as we do. 

We invite you to order free samples of our timber lining board range Contours, which is available in a variety of profiles and species. In any space, Porta Contours provide a sense of warmth, tactile interest, and movement. With Porta Contours timber lining boards, you can enhance new or existing interior spaces to their full potential. Available in different species, including Engineered American Oak, Tasmanian Oak, Clear Pine, and Pre-Primed Pine, it can be used in straight or curved applications. 

For our Porta Dowel range, we are also able to provide samples. Porta Dowels can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from simple functional use to decorative use and even for creating architectural and interior design features. From dramatic parabolic ceiling features to innovative communal furniture, Porta Dowels create surprise, movement, and dimension in any project. At Porta, we pride ourselves on manufacturing our dowels to rigorous quality specifications meeting Australian Industry Standards.

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Sample Folders
Our team of experts provides a wide range of services, including product presentations that feature our custom-designed sample folders. The folders display our Porta product range stylishly and practically. We provide inspiration, expert advice, and technical information to ensure the specification process is smooth and made easy for every project.

Design professionals like architects and interior designers often book appointments with us to discuss our product range and which product will best suit their latest design project.

If you are designing a residential or commercial space and considering our on-trend Porta Contours, we can discuss the requirements of the project, both aesthetic and practical, as well as the benefits of specifying timber in terms of biophilic design principles.

Custom Products
If you are renovating a period building with existing mouldings and lining boards, or you have a unique profile that you would like for a new build or renovation – our custom design service can deliver the exact profile that you dream of.

Your brief serves as the foundation, it may take the form of a sample, a dimensioned sketch, or a technical drawing.

Our design consultants and engineers take this brief and use CAD to design the profile to the exact specification required. Once the profile is designed in CAD, we make a sample on a 3D printer for your approval, then the tooling process begins.

Whilst we are designing the profile, we work with you to source the most suitable timber species for your project.

Upon approval of our quote, we manufacture a custom tool that is unique to every project subsequently production commences.

Our custom moulding capability also applies to external timbers. Our product development and design team love working on custom projects to create your own custom profile, please contact us and our team will work with you on a custom timber specification that is tailored to your requirements.

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CPD Presentation
Our industry leading experts are invited to present informative Continual Professional Development (CPD) sessions to architecture firms Australia-wide.

Porta is committed to providing architects and designers with the knowledge and resources to specify and design timber for optimal performance. 

Porta’s CPD presentations have been created to inform architects, and design professionals who love the feel, warmth, and aesthetics of using timber in their designs. 

We offer an in-house presentation that provides a valuable opportunity to expand design and technical knowledge. Porta’s presentations build on the understanding of designing with timber including design principles, along with updates on the latest timber products and services.

Order a sample, book a presentation to meet with our team to discuss our products and view our sample folders or book an appointment to discuss our custom profiles. To find out more about biophilic design or other subjects of interest such as Chain of Custody sourcing of timber products, book an in-house CPD presentation, contact us.

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