The Shape Group undertook a renovation to their Port Melbourne workspace with the idea to create a warm and inviting office space featuring timber.


After extensive research online and ordering a sample from the owner selected from the extensive range of 16 Porta Contours profiles which are available in Australian certified sustainable timbers, Tasmanian Oak and Clear or Primed Pine.

The design-based company selected the ‘Shade’ profile in Tasmanian Oak.

Managing Director at The Shape Group, Murray Hey was thrilled with Porta’s product and customer service.

We have really high standards in our business and what I like about dealing with Porta is, so do they. The quality of their product and the quality of the outcome that we achieved with this lovely feature wall is second to none…and we love it.

Porta’s range of contoured timber lining boards feature high quality certified timber in a variety of profiles inspired by the Australian landscape, including concave and convex curves that combine to create custom designs. Porta Contours can be installed internally or externally and finished by being painted or stained or left natural. The timber used in this project was sealed with oil prior to being installed to create a richer depth of colour.

The Shape Group wanted to create a welcoming environment for staff and clients. Timber was selected as a feature because of the importance and benefits of having timber inside: biophilia, a philosophy that encourages the connection between people and nature- bringing outside in. Combining aesthetic, organic tactility, and biophilic properties, Porta Contours gives a natural, inviting warmth to a space.

The curved wall concept was an additional design feature included to welcome clients and staff alike to this space featuring Porta’s timber paneling.

As a creative company, we wanted to express our creativity and evoke inspiration within our team as well as our clients who visit the office. It’s the first thing people see and immediately comment on how ‘impressive’ our Porta Contours feature wall is” Murray said.

We are thrilled with our Contours curved wall. It’s a focal point for us and our clients. We would use Porta Timber again as it was a seamless process from start to finish, easy installation and a high-quality product with an impressive end result”. Murray continues.

The Porta Contours range is uniquely suited to designing curved features, with their unique and innovative tongue and groove technology that allows easy installation with hidden interlocking mechanisms which allows for secret direct fixing and easy installation.

The Shape Group, a specialised marketing company wanted a warm, welcoming experience for their office space. This tactile curved timber wall provides the solution with clients and staff interacting with the space.

People walk into our office, and they touch the wall because timber is a very tactile material"Murray said.

Additional to this custom design are the concealed doors or ‘secret doors’. These secret doors have created an interesting design feature with clean lines whilst featuring a clutter free space. Creating a unique design that is a focal point. The secret doors work well from a practical and design perspective which allows the office to have privacy and a quiet space all hidden behind an impressive secret door design.

We chose Porta as they are the market leader in timber linings with a good reputation and a high-quality product that is easy to install.Murray said.

Porta Contours invites creativity and flexibility - mix and match profiles to create your own unique design. Add a little surprise and delight to your next project by featuring your very own secret door.

Porta Contours range is easy to install and supported by a wide range of trims and mouldings. Through the use of timber in this commercial space, using biophilia as inspiration, this tactile feature combines both practical and aesthetic elements.

The clever design is visually appealing through the use of certified timber as well are using a curve shape of the wall, combining that with the interest and practicality of secret doors that work practically to create quiet workspaces that function to hide clutter and mess.

Porta Contours textured lining boards create calming atmospheres and patterns to complement any space.

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