We have the perfect weekend DIY project using Porta timber materials and some creativity, you can create your own version of this one-off design piece, the ‘Sunshine Drawers’.

Inspired By Suburbia

‘Burb Mechanics’ is an art exhibition created by Nüüd Studio, celebrating the iconic materials and distinct design quirks of the Australian suburbia.

This installation displays themes of DIY, using a collection of raw materials, featuring products from the Porta timber range including MDF boards. This art installation featured at the National Gallery of Victoria as part of the 2018 Melbourne Design Week program. The artwork is a combination of creativity and Porta timber coming together to create a bespoke set of drawers. The functional furniture features quick and easy design application using Porta MDF boards along with some creative design flair.

Accompanying the ‘Sunshine Drawers’ is a how-to brochure, giving a DIY guide on the assembly of your very own one-off Porta drawers inspired by Nüüd Studio.

Create Your Own Sunshine                                                                              

The weekend is the best time for DIY and with some basic skills you can create your own version of Nüüd Studio’s ‘Sunshine Drawers’. All you will need is: Porta Forescolor MDF, Porta furniture dowels and soap dishes or Porta timber dowels to use for handles.

Porta Forsecolour MDF                                                                                              

The ‘Sunshine Drawers’ are predominantly constructed from Porta Forsecolor- an engineered solid colour MDF board design for durability and lasting vibrant appearance. Porta Forescolour is suitable for wall panelling, ceiling and joinery applications.

  • Ideal for restaurants, shop fit outs, commercial interiors, furniture, toys and schools.
  • Porta Forescolor is supplied unfinished. Create striking designs with custom coatings, laminated finishes or routed panels with third-party manufacturing.
  • Coloured core: The pigment is integrated directly into its wood fibres, which creates a consistent colour throughout the board.
  • UV Resistant
  • Moisture resistant MDF. Porta Forescolor is coated with an innovative water-resistant resin.

For inspiration on making your own ‘Sunshine Drawers’, view the guide in the project sheet below.

The Porta timber products featured in this project are available from all major timber and hardware stores. Find your nearest stockist.

Porta timber products used:


  • 2x 290x900x18mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF
  • 290x200x18mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF
  • 1x 100x200x18mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF
  • Porta furniture dowels


  • 8x 285x95mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF sides
  • 8x 175x95mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF fronts
  • 4x 175x270mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF bases
  • 4 x Ceramic Soap Dishes or Porta timber dowels to use for handles

For inspiration on making your own ‘Sunshine Drawers’, view the guide in the project sheet below.

View Spec Sheet