The kitchen is where we connect – whether it’s discussing the day’s events over dinner with family or catching up with friends, the kitchen is the place to be.

Spice up your kitchen without the need for a full renovation with beautiful timber dowels. Their natural warmth and subtle texture can add layers of depth and tactility to your space while allowing you to create an everlasting impression.

Plus, timber not only looks good (and keeps on looking good), but it is also good for you. Natural elements such as timber can have measurable physiological and psychological benefits, making people generally happier and calmer.

So, bring the natural benefits of timber into the heart of your home with these DIY-friendly dowel projects:

1. Island Bench Transformation

Stylishly garnish your island with the soft curves of half round timber dowels. Adding warmth, texture and movement, timber dowels can completely transform your kitchen’s design without the need for a full remodel.

2. Curvaceous Curves

As one of the biggest interior design trends, curved kitchen islands and curved walls soften hard lines as well as the practical finishes of functional spaces. This stunning design feature can be achieved with beautiful timber dowels.

3. Cabinetry Refresh

As a major component of kitchen design, cabinetry influences the overall look and functionality of a kitchen. Whether it’s cladding existing cabinetry or starting fresh, beautiful cabinets provide a visual backbone to the kitchen.

Timber Tip: When applying timber to existing cabinetry, consider the extra weight of the timber on the hinges. They may need to be upgraded!

4. Dreamy Doors

Like a soothing embrace, timber feature doors invoke a sense of warmth and comfort. They can be used to define spaces, like a pantry, add texture and interest to a plain wall, or connect spaces. They can also be used in combination with dowel feature walls to create concealed doorways for a seamless finish.

Beautiful timber dowels can also be used to create on trend, bespoke furniture – allowing you to bring the natural tones, durability, and warmth of timber to other spaces in your home.

5. Heavenly Bedheads

Transform your bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary with a gorgeous natural, earthy headboard. Click here for details on how to make this. 

6. Furniture Glow Ups

Glow up old or unloved furniture with timber dowels, creating one-of-a-kind custom pieces that connect the senses and heighten the décor of your home.

7. Outdoor Upgrades

Don’t forget your outside spaces! Beautiful timber dowels can be used to create stunning features in undercover outdoor areas.

Porta Half Round Dowels are available at Bunnings.

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