Porta are the trusted experts for sustainable innovative timber solutions. This isn’t simply a statement. Porta takes their ethical and sustainable responsibilities seriously, by fostering deep connections with non-for-profit organisations, implementing sustainable practice policies, and continuing to reduce their environmental impact by updating sustainability-based initiatives.

Porta’s Contribution to Communities

Porta continues to support Beyond Subsistence, a not-for-profit organisation that undertakes forestry and agroforestry development projects worldwide. These projects help build healthy forests, which are essential to help subsistence farmers break the poverty cycle. The integration of trees into farming environments replenishes soils, provides nutritious seed for food, fuel for cooking and valuable timber for building.

This is a relationship that began in 2016 through the sponsorship of Ugandan Conservation and Agrofestry Development (UCAD). This project aims to train, empower and facilitate forestry, agriculture and conservation amongst subsistence farmers.

It is important to the Porta family and the timber industry worldwide to support responsible and sustainable practices, all whilst contributing and giving back to communities- locally and internationally.

Porta’s financial support has also contributed to Beyond Subsistence’s Master Tree-grower Program (MTG) which delivers agroforestry education through shared group experiences. The MTG program creates ‘champion farmers’ in regional areas whose role it is to encourage the integration of trees into the landscape. Each program educates approximately 40 people per a region over a period of 5 days. A mix of Australian and Ugandan presenters facilitate the training.

The outcomes of the program for the participants and their community include:

  • The structure and confidence to manage their own land for timber production
  • Education and knowledge about how to support timber conservation
  • Building skills that help them address important issues such as food security, fuel and timber shortages, soil and water quality, livestock fodder, shelter and income generation
  • The knowledge and skills in apiary and horticulture.

Sourcing Sustainable Timber

Porta is committed to sourcing timber from sustainable and environmentally responsible resources. Porta holds Chain of Custody certification under international recognised and accredited organisations and has a commitment to reducing waste across the business from manufacturing to packaging.

Supporting sustainable practices is of great importance across the Porta catalogue. Committed to supporting local and international communities, Porta timber products and the Porta family are proudly giving back to the communities who undertake responsible and ethical forestry development. 

Porta is committed to socially and environmentally responsible business by the sustainable sourcing of timbers, taking social, ethical and conservational responsibilities such as partnering with non-for-profit organisations. Porta is also committed to reducing their impact by reducing waste overall.