Timber lining boards are an aesthetic and practical element that adds organic texture, tactility, warmth, and character to a residential or commercial space.

The use of timber lining boards can be applied to a variety of purposes, including accent walls, ceilings, and much more. Timber lining boards are visually appealing and a practical, sustainable material. Signing up for Porta's newsletter will keep you updated with the latest trends, design inspiration, case studies, and techniques to use sustainably sourced timber lining boards, whether you're an architect, designer, DIYer, or professional builder.

Porta takes pride in being one of Australia’s leading suppliers of decorative timber products to the home improvement, building, trade, design, and commercial sectors. Spanning over 70 years of expertise manufacturing and distributing a broad range of timber products using various local and imported certified timber species.

At Porta, we leverage our expertise in timber to source and provide innovative and unique designs for internal and external applications.

As timber lining board manufacturers and suppliers, we are experts in our field, which reflect in our newsletters. This often include tips and advice on how to use our timber products effectively.

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As a trusted industry expert, Porta is committed to sustainable and renewable operations. We share our knowledge and educate professionals and DIYers who work with timber.

Porta sources timbers from certified sources and is backed by a passionate team of timber experts that curate informational and inspirational newsletters.

New Products & Trends
At Porta, we are constantly developing new timber products, with new species and finishes. Signing up to our newsletter is an easy way to stay informed. You'll be the first to know about new product releases, upcoming trends, and innovative ways to use timber lining boards in architectural and design specifications as well as DIY projects. This can be especially helpful if you're looking to create a unique or bespoke design, as you'll have access to the latest timber products, materials, and finishes.

The world of timber is constantly evolving, with new products and trends emerging. This information can inform decisions about design and future projects, as well as staying ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and styles.

Porta stocks a range of Australian and exotic timbers popular with specifiers, builders, trade, and DIY. We pride ourselves on offering certified and sustainable timbers to give you both products of beauty and peace of mind.

Our services include sample ordering, CPD presentations, brochures, installation guides, and technical product data.

We are also a wealth of information on timber species information and how to specify what product for a particular project. 

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