Timber lining boards give a natural, tactile warmth to a space. Timber can be used to bring nature into your home, it’s biophilic properties connect our outdoors to our indoor spaces.

Porta’s range of contoured timber lining boards feature a variety of designs, including concave and convex curves that can be painted or stained and installed internally and externally.

There are a few things you need to know when working with timber lining boards. Select the room and where your timber lining will feature, the type of timber, selecting from the extensive Porta range, timber lining board’s unique applications, and what you’ll need to create the perfect look with timber lining boards. 

1. Choose your Room & Application

The first tip to working with timber lining boards is to select the room that will feature the timber, and then to design your application. Are you creating a bold statement with a feature wall or adding subtle texture like a decorative kitchen island bench? Get creative and design a concealed door with Porta’s timber mouldings.

Timber lining boards are versatile, changing the look and feel depending on which way they are installed. They can be installed vertically to create the illusion of height. Timber lining boards can also be installed horizontally to create depth and longer sightlines.

The Contours range is uniquely suited to designing curved features, their unique tongue and groove connection allows for secret direct fixing and is designed for easy installation. Porta’s vast range of profiles can be mixed and matched to create unique designs. Get creative and incorporate a curved wall featuring various lining board profiles or a secret door.

Timber lining boards are easy to install, and available in set lengths to reduce waste. The preferred substrate for timber lining boards is a timber or steel frame, plasterboard or brick providing the surface is prepared correctly and the right fixings and adhesives are used. Interior lining boards can be retrofitted into an existing space with ease, a perfect way to freshen up your space.

Porta timber lining boards are inspired by the contours of the Australian landscape and available in a range of textured designs to create calming atmospheres or vibrant patterns- suitable for straight and curved interior panelling.

2. Choose your Timber & Research Sustainability

Porta’s range varies from pre primed to Australian hardwood. Available in a wide range of timbers, featuring varying levels of warmth and different feature colours, with an extensive range, Porta allows you to select the perfect timber which best suits your space.

Porta is committed to sourcing timber from sustainable and environmentally responsible suppliers. Porta holds Chain of Custody under internationally recognised and accredited organisations such as The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), who are dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. The FSC label on products means that product has been responsibly sourced.

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification. Products with PEFC certification indicates raw materials originate in sustainably managed forests.

Porta’s solid timber lining boards are FSC and PEFC certified. They can be left natural or apply a stain which are most sustainable options for internal wall linings.

3. The Porta Range

Inspired by the Australian landscape, Porta timber lining boards are available in a wide range of certified timber, Porta’s mix and match designs are supported by an extensive range of trims and mouldings to suit every project. In the Porta Contours range, there are 16 unique designs to choose from to suit your project and various textures and timber species to select from including corner beads. Corner beads can be used for curved walls and are currently available to match a range of Porta’s timber lining board profiles. Apply the corner beads to a curved wall to create a seamless, organic look.

4. Unique Applications

Porta’s innovative tongue and groove joints allow different profiles to be mixed and matched to create bespoke designs. Add an exciting feature to your existing cupboards by re-lining the front of your cabinets. Get creative and incorporate a curved wall featuring various lining board profiles. Secret doors are a great way to add a practical and unique design aesthetic to your space. Porta’s timber lining boards are easy to install with concealed fixings, making it easy for your hidden door to sit flush with the wall.

5. What You Need

Porta delivers high quality, sustainable timbers that are subject to rigorous quality control. If you are painting your timber lining boards, select pine. For a beachside, scandi look, choose Porta select grade clear pine if you are after a blond timber look. For a more traditional look, choose Tasmanian Oak when you want the warmth and durability of Australian hardwood. Once you have your design, the timber lining boards are quick and easy to install. You will need a nail gun, nails and builder’s adhesive.

By featuring Porta’s timber lining boards in your space, you will bring natural tones and warmth to your home or office, creating an on trend, bespoke design aesthetic. By effectively planning and designing your project and selecting the right Porta timber lining board, you can create the perfect space.