Australia’s leading manufacturer of timber mouldings and lining boards, Porta, presents a new range of Contours profiles in Engineered American Oak.

This stunning timber species is available in a range of six profiles, offering a variety of design options. It creates a textured canvas, adding warmth, richness and tactility to any interior palette.

For breathtaking interiors, Porta Contours timber lining boards will be available in stunning Engineered American Oak early in 2023.

The Porta Contours lining board range in Engineered American Oak is perfect for enhancing interior spaces adding natural warmth, depth and tactile interest to the space. Some of the profiles in the Porta lining boards range are also suitable for creating luxurious curved walls.

American Oak Species
American Oak is a native hardwood species of North America, featuring a distinctive textured grain pattern. The species is known for its hardwearing and versatile properties. The timber species has warm, light brown tones similar to European Oak, with a medium to coarse texture.

American White Oak is easy to work with and ideal for high traffic areas. The warm tone provides an inviting neutral backdrop that pairs beautifully with neutral and colourful interior design elements making Engineered American Oak an ideal addition to the Porta timber lining Contours range.

Porta Contours in Engineered American Oak provides an inviting backdrop that pairs beautifully with neutral or colourful interior design elements.

Adding warmth and organic movement, Porta Contours in Engineered American Oak are available in six unique profiles and can be mixed and matched to create custom designs.

This species will be available in 6x profiles: Cirque, Riverine, Shade, Strata, Pinnacle and Wave.

Three corner bead profiles in Cirque, Riverine and Wave will allow these profiles to be installed as concave and convex curved walls down to a radius of 500mm.

All profiles are suitable for interior residential and commercial projects.

Contours in Engineered American Oak are suitable for both vertical and horizontal accent walls in residential kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, home offices and ceilings.  In addition, they can be used to add a high-end finish to kitchen and bathroom joinery, and internal doors.

They can also be used in commercial applications such as offices, hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars.

Features & Benefits
- Warm, light brown tone with a distinctive grain pattern
- Consistent colour and grain for a reliable design finish
- Responsibly sourced - FSC® certification
- Similar in colour and characteristic to European Oak
- Easy to work with
- Hardwood with good characteristics of hardness and strength
- Stains easily, but for best results we recommend a clear coat
- Straight grained, can feature growth rings for added interest
- Can be used in straight and curved wall applications
- Profiles can be mixed and matched to create bespoke designs
- 2.7m set lengths to reduce waste and visible length joins

Porta Contours Engineered American Oak timber lining boards are available in a range of textured designs to create calming atmospheres or vibrant patterns.

Contours Range
Inspired by the contours of the Australian landscape, Porta Contours add natural warmth, texture and movement to any residential or commercial space.

Porta Contours timber lining boards are suitable for vertical and horizontal applications and have been designed for ease of installation with a secret tongue and groove connection.

The use of timber as an external feature on joinery, walls and even ceilings is growing in popularity.

Porta Contours ranks highly in projects where sustainability and biophilic design are at the forefront of the design philosophy of the project.

The Porta Contours range of Engineered American Oak will be available in early 2023. To book a presentation, please click on “contact us” button below.

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