A series of Tasmanian Timber masterclasses presented by Associate Professor Gregory Nolan, a registered Architect and Director of the University of Tasmania’s Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood, are available to access online.

Tasmanian timber is grown locally and sustainably, it is processed to the highest standard and backed by Australia’s leading timber experts.

These Masterclass sessions are created for architects, designers, builders and joiners, providing information on Tasmanian timber species, their supply, characteristics and product range. As a local medium, Tasmanian timber is ideal for inspired interior and architectural design. There are two sessions that are available online to watch.

Tasmanian Timber for Interior Design

This masterclass in design is tailored for architects, interior designers and those specifying timber. This in-depth class covers a broad range of Tasmanian timber species and timber products, supply, and the intricate characteristics of the timbers. This session will also cover design considerations and the performance of timbers such as Tasmanian Oak timber.

Tasmanian Oak is a great example of the high standards in Tasmanian timber selections. Tasmanian Oak is a strong and stable timber which is easy to work with. It is sought after for its staining qualities which means it can easily match it with other timbers, finishes and furnishings. It planes, sands, finishes and glues well, making it ideal for internal joinery applications and furniture.

It is a Durability Class 3 timber, suitable for construction of window/door frames with appropriate coating protection. Porta's core moulding range is Porta Select Grade, which features very few marks and natural characteristics, making it a stronger, cleaner and a more versatile timber. The visual features of Tasmanian Oak range ranges from "straw" to light reddish/brown. Natural variations in grain, colour and texture are considered a characteristic of the species and are not recognised as a defect. The Porta range uses Tasmanian Oak in a range of timber grades as per AS 2796.2 - 2006. The core Porta mouldings range uses ‘Select’ grade.

Working with Tasmanian Timber

The second masterclass in the series focusses on applications of Tasmanian wood as high-quality timber products for builders, joiners and those working with timber.

This session deep dives into the essential aspects of Tasmanian timber storage and handling practices for preparing and assembling major architectural and timber rich design elements as well as using specific case studies as examples.

The Masterclass discusses essential aspects of timber storage and handling practice for preparing and assembling major architectural and timber-rich components for the best end result and highest level of finishes.

Porta stocks a range of Australian and exotic timbers popular with specifiers, builders, trade and DIY. Porta pride themselves on offering certified and sustainable timbers to give you both products of beauty and peace of mind. Whatever the application Porta is here to assist you in selecting the right timber for the right application.

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